LED Lights


Filmgear LED Flo-Box 4 X 4

Model: LED Flo-Box 4 Bank 4 Foot Tubes


Soft shell fixture with in-line dimmer that can be integrated into any dimming system.


Id No. L04D48LF (Daylight)
L04T48LF (Tungsten)
Capacity 160W (40W x 4)
Input Voltage

95 - 265V AC
22 - 36V DC

Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Input Current 1.7 - 0.6A @95 - 265V AC
7.3 - 4.4A @22 - 36V DC
Tube Type T12 40W
Color Temp. 5500K / 3200K
Dimming Range 0 - 100%
LED Life Approx. 30,000 Hrs
Mounting Gobohead
Class / IP Rating 1 / IP 20
Max. Surface Temp. 70° C / 158° F
Max. Ambient Temp. 50° C / 122° F
Weight (Lamphead with Tubes) 6.3 kg / 13.9 lbs

Photometric Data:

Photometrics 4X4 LED

Filmgear LED Flo-Box 4 X 4 Specification Data Sheet

LED Lights

SUNRAY's new large format LED "Hard Body" fixtures feature on-board two-circuit dimmers with local control, DMX or wireless DMX control through a custom-made AVAB/Lumen radio dimmer or can be used with conventional dimmer systems. These systems have gained wide acceptance for television and movie production and for film and video lighting.

DADCO and Sunray with more than forty years of combined experience in lighting technology, have collaborated to produce a new series of LED Tube Lighting Systems that are made by IATSE Local 728 technicians in the DADCO/Sunray Sun Valley, CA production facility.

The Translyte LED Hard Body Systems consists of four foot LED tubes in a sturdy aluminum enclosure and each tube is wired with end caps that eliminate the typical “tombstone” contacts. The systems ship loaded with tubes in the fixture, on-board 2 circuit dimmer with local control, DMX or wireless DMX control.

View large Images and full screen video of Sunray Translyte LED lighting systems.


SUNRAY lights are assembled and tested in Sun Valley, CA (Map) by Union craftsman. Our products are built with integrity and made to last.


Sunray Translyte LED Ladder

Model: Translyte LED Ladder System

TV/Motion Pictures


Filmgear LED-Flo T12 Tubes

Model: LED-Flo T12 Tubes
Price: CALL



Sunray Translyte 424 LED System

Model: 424 | 24 X 4-foot LED Tubes



Sunray Translyte 412 LED System

Model: 412 | 12 X 4-foot LED Tubes




Sunray Translyte 406 LED System

Model: 406 | 6 X 4-Foot LED Tubes

Sunray Phil-lyte LED Coop

Model: Phil-Lyte LED Coop

TV/Motion Pictures