HMI Lighting


Filmgear Daylight Fresnel 18kW/12kW

Model: Daylight Fresnel 18kW/12kW DE
Price: CALL


Lamphead Contents

  • Lamp Housing without Bulb (purple grey & silver color)
  • 4-leaf Rotatable Barndoor with Safety Wire
  • Ø625mm (24-5/8 in.) Fresnel Lens
  • Power Cable with Multi-Pin Connector
  • Stirrup with Ø28mm (1-1/8 in.) Spigot

Requires Electronic Ballast, Lamphead to Ballast Cable and Lamp Bulb

Daylight Fresnel 18kW/12lW DE Specifications


HMI Lighting

Sunray HMI light fixtures are designed by lighting technicians for lighting technicians as high-efficiency daylight booster discharge lights that approximate the color of sunlight. Sunray HMI lighting fixtures are built with corrosion resistant extruded and die cast aluminum to maximize body strength and create a lighter fixture weight for ease of use.

At DADCO/Sunray we stock HMI parts including: HMI ballasts, HMI bulbs and now HMI faceted reflectors.

FilmGear’s product line includes a complete line of HMI and tungsten light fixtures including the industry changing F12 12kW HMI par with faceted reflector that requires no lenses. FilmGear’s entire line of Daylight Par Faceted HMI lights is available through Sunray and DADCO Power and Lights. Complete HMI systems that include 300Hz and 1000Hz flicker-free Electronic V3 ballasts are also available.

The Sunray Sunburst HMI lighting series features the most powerful HMI light on the planet--the G4 24kW HMI lighting fixture and the Challenger Classic SC24kW fixture. In addition new fixtures include the Sunburst 441 "Duzz All" par fixture, a 1200/1800/2500/4000 Watt all-in-one unit and the 1200/1800 Watt par fixture, all designed for motion picture, television production and special events.

*HMI is an Osram brand metal-halide gas discharge lamp and the HMI designation has become a generalized term in the motion picture and television industries for all similar metal-halide lamps. 

4 X 24kW HMI Mobile Lighting Boom


SUNRAY lights are assembled and tested in Sun Valley, CA (Map) by Union craftsman. Our products are built with integrity and made to last.


12/18/24kW HMI Fresnel

Model: G4 HMI

Television/Motion Pictures/Events


Sunray 12/18/24kW HMI

Model: SC24K Challenger

Television/Motion Pictures/Events


F18kW Magnum HMI

Model: F18K HMI PAR

TV/Motion Pictures/Events


1200/1800/2500/4000 Watt HMI Par

Model: SS441 - Duzz All

Television/Motion Pictures/Events



1200/1800 Watt HMI Par

Model: SS1800 - Sunburst

Television/Motion Pictures/Events